Custom Child's Belt $35.00

Custom Child's Belt $35.00


Brown Pillow Barrel Racer with Diamonds $65.00

Pillow Sample with Custom Brand

Barrel Racer with Diamonds

Customize your pillow, Conchos, Spots, ??

Leather Pillow with Hair-on and Spots $65.00

Lots of Options

Pillow Hair-on Brown Leather with Horse Hair Tassel $65.00

Pillows made to order, Dress up your horse trailer, couch, or bedroom

Two Tone Pillows $55.00 and $65.00

Pillow Price

Wine Holders:

Wine Bottle Holders Basket Stamp, Hair-on Dark and Hair-on Light $30.00 each

Wine Bottles Color Options

Many designs and conchos

Choose the top of your wine holder and conchos

Choose the bottom

Basket Stamp

Wine Bottle Holder Hair-on and Black Leather $30.00

Wine Bottle Holder Barrel Racer $30.00

Wine Bottle Holder Flowers $30.00

Wine Bottle Holder Barbed Wire $30.00

Wine Bottle 2 'fer Holds 2 bottles of wine $40.00


Custom Planners $65.00

Gift Ideas Customize with your name, color, design

Inside of Planner

Inside of Planner

Choose your color and design

Choose your conchos

Notebook for 5x8 pads $45.00

Notebook holds 5x8 pad $50.00

Inside Legal Notebook Holds 8.5 x 11 Tablet

Inside of Planner

Full tooled front cover $95.00

Notebook $45.00

Back of Planner

Corner Flower with Conchos $65.00

Legal Size Notebook $75.00

Oak Leaf Planner $65.00

Card Holders:

Business Card Holder $15.00

Purses and Wallets:

Box Purse Hair-on with Barrel Racer Conchos and Horse Hair Tassels $65.00

Box Purse Hair-on without Tassels $55.00

Green Chink Purse $50.00

Chink Purse Hair-on Medium Brown $50.00

Chink Purse Medium Brown $50.00

Chink Purse Green with Basket Stamp $50.00

Dark Brown Chink Purse $50.00

Whiskey Flasks:

Whiskey Flasks $25.00 each

Great Gift Idea

Almost a Whiskey Flask

Whiskey Flask $35.00

Shamrocks and Zia Symbols

Add a Strap for a saddle companion

Whiskey Flask Basket Stamp $25.00

Whiskey Flask Geometric Stamp $25.00

Whiskey Flask Basket Stamp with Rope Border $25.00

Whiskey Flask Howling Coyote $25.00

Whiskey Flask Basket Stamp Shamrock $25.00

Whiskey Flask Skull and Barbed Wire $25.00

Whiskey Flask Southwest with Barbed Wire $25.00

Whiskey Flask Thunderbird and Barbed Wire $25.00

Mouse Pads:

Mouse Pad Black Corners Saddle Tan $20.00

Mouse Pad Hair-on Corners Walnut $20.00

Mouse Pad Medium Brown Basket Stamp $20.00

Mouse Pad Medium Brown
Hair-on Corners $20.00

Dog Collars:

Dog Collars $30.00

Dog Collars, Can be customized with pet's name $30.00

Nintendo Cases:

Nintendo Game Holder $20.00


Key Chains $7.00


Beautiful leather gifts
for the whole family!

* Belts

* Pillows

* Wine Holders

* Planners/Notebooks

* Card Holders

* Purses and Wallets

* Whiskey Flasks

* Mouse Pads

* Dog Collars

* Nintendo Cases

* Keychains


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* Phone: 503-260-0777

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